Handgun Carry Class

The next Carry Class has been scheduled for_____________ at 8am and will be held at the Guymon Police Department. You can request information for this class via e-mail, phone, or come on in and we will set you up. Please pre-register. To be fair, you will only be registered for this class when paperwork is turned in and fees are paid. Thanks!  Below is a copy of the registration paperwork. Feel free to copy and turn in to register for the next class.

Download (DOCX, 20KB)

We offer classes that are taught by an O.S.B.I. (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation) approved and C.L.E.E.T. (Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training) certified Concealed Carry instructor. The course is as prescribed by the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act (Title 21, Oklahoma Statutes, Section 1290.1 et seg.) to meet the educational requirements to qualify for an Oklahoma Concealed Carry License. The course is one day, 8 hours, with a written exam and qualifying at the range. The cost for the class is $65 with an option to use a semi-automatic 22 with ammunition (50 rounds) included for $10. NO REFUNDS REQUIRED CLASS EQUIPMENT The following are items to bring with you to the classroom portion of the course: 1.   Paper/Notebook for notes 2.   Ink pen. 3.   Valid Oklahoma Driver's license or Oklahoma Photo Identification Card. 4.   Lunch – There will be a break for lunch. You will be advised of the time to be back at the classroom by the instructor. REQUIRED RANGE EQUIPMENT: The following equipment is required by C.L.E.E.T.    You will not be allowed on the range if you do not have the following: 1.   Eye protection 2.   Ear protection 3.   A baseball cap 4.   Your pistol - Revolver or semi-automatic. If you shoot the course with a revolver, you will have to take a semi-automatic upgrade administered by an approved instructor to qualify to carry a semi-automatic. If you choose to use/rent our pistols, it will be a 22 caliber and we will supply the ammunition. There is a $10 charge for this service.  5.   Ammunition for your pistol - 50 rounds of ammunition is required. The ammunition MUST BE NEW FACTORY AMMUNITION ONLY! Home reloads, remaufactured reloads and any other reloads of any kind are not acceptable and you will not be allowed to shoot your qualifier rounds with them. As Per SELF DEFENSE ACT Sec. 1290 Title 21 To obtain a Concealed Carry permit in the state of Oklahoma you must meet certain qualifications and attend a training course conducted by a certified firearms instructor. The license is valid for 5 years (a 10 year license is available), and Oklahoma will recognize a Concealed Carry Permit from all states which honor Oklahoma permits (check with OSBI). To be eligible to apply for a permit you must:
  • Be a Resident of Oklahoma
  • Be at Least 21 Years Old
  • Not Meet Any Provisions Disqualifying You From Obtaining a License According to Law
  • Complete an Approved Safety Training Class Offered by a Certified Instructor
  • Submit Your Application Along With Proper Fees to Your Local County Sheriff